Become a Dealer provides address-based comparison shopping across multiple services providers. It is built to power business of all sizes.

The platform also provides:

  • User Invitation and Approval engine
  • Provider Filtering
  • Product Filtering
  • Comparison Cart
  • OMA (Offer Management)
  • Shopping Cart (Order Management)
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Revenue Assurance (Commission and Payment distribution)
  • – a turnkey, url-passing, juggernaut supporting unassisted order entry

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Management enables Dealers to invite and track all of their Users in a single location. Dealers fill out a short form within the Users function to generate an e-mail invitation that goes straight to the User’s inbox and allows new Users to access using their unique log-in. Dealers are able to monitor User invitation status, remind Users who haven’t signed up and quickly add, deactivate and modify users within the User Management function.

Filtering offers Provider filtering in two ways. One, Dealers can request all or certain Providers be open to their Users; the final Provider roster will be determined by Ibex. Two, Users can filter the results to only show certain Providers in the results page as shown below.


Ibex staff works with Dealers during the onboarding process to configure to ensure the right mix of Products are available to Users. Within the UX , Product Filtering is achieved by allowing the User the ability to narrow down the Products and Offers from each Provider that best meet the needs and budgets of customers. User can also search and filter by Offer names if a specific Offer is sought.

Comparison Cart uniquely offers Dealers the ability to cross-compare three different Products from the same Provider or between three different Providers; no other platform offers the ability for Users to answer customer questions and compare between Providers and Packages in a single location. Also unique to Bundledealer is the email feature that enables Users to email the details of any Product or cross-Product comparison to a potential customer. provides Dealers and Users the ability maximize the return on their marketing efforts by exposing the industry’s first Offer Maximizer Algorithm (OMA). OMA leverages 500 plus data points from over 5 years of call center and sales data to recommend Products or Offers that historically exhibit higher probabilities of service activation. The Products recommended by OMA always appear at the top of the list of available Offers and are highlighted for visibility.

Shopping Cart
Order Management eliminates the need to go to a different website for each Provider when entering an order. The buyflow for all Providers is contained entirely within and is presented in a uniform and orderly manner for all Providers. During the buyflow, the Product/Offer name and price remains displayed and any add-ons or upgrade offers and prices are also displayed and refreshed as the User moves down the buyflow. At the end of the buyflow, most Providers offer Users the option to choose an installation date and time to complete the process.

Reporting tracks and reports on the status of the individual products related to submitted orders in near real time via the Reporting module. Report details include:

  • Revenue Generating Units (RGU) Status
  • Commission/Payment Status
  • Installation Dates (as/if made available from the service provider)
  • Lead Source detail (being able to track the performance of specific online marketing tactics)
  • Qualification Close Rate (QCR)

Daily reports are also available through automated email distribution.

Revenue Assurance manages the distribution and reconciliation of payments owed to Dealers via the Commission Management module. Whether a Dealer is a solo operator, has independent sub-dealers or runs a 500 agent call center, Dealers will always know their incoming revenue and the amount owed to their sub-dealers and agents also comes in the version for full integration into CRM or a Dealer’s website. also dealers to bypass the need for individual User accounts and enables a direct address qualification in while still crediting the sale to the Dealer’s account. All of the same features are available using token.bundledealer and can be fully customized to suit the Dealer’s requirements with features like provider and/or product suppression.

Current Provider List
(July 2024)